December 22nd, 2016

Signing a pro-sports contract comes with tons of perks. Free equipment, top notch sports medical care, the opportunity to compete and excel against the best athletes in the world and let’s not forget to mention – instant wealth. After spending years developing your skill set and fine tuning your body to outperform the competition, it should be a top priority to not only surround yourself with people you trust, but also people who have your best interest at heart and who know what they’re…


March 9th, 2016

Is this call from the IRS a Scam? The answer is typically yes. You already know if you owe Uncle Sam so the calls shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. If you are still skeptical hand up and call the IRS yourself at 1-800-829-1040 and ask if you indeed have an unpaid balance and how to resolve it. If you are unsure and the “IRS Officer” on the other follows this series of questions it’s a scam.   Demand immediate payment. The IRS will not call first before sending…


December 9th, 2014


Are your Income Tax Issues getting out of hand? TaxCorp is a tax resolution firm focused on resolving Federal Income Tax issues and Tax Return Problems. We have a unique management team consisting of former IRS Revenue Officers who understand the IRS Collection process and methods employed to pursue delinquent taxpayers and the balances owed. We approach resolving tax issues differently than other tax resolution firms. Our goal is to resolve all cases in the minimal time possible; relieving…