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TaxCorp Introduction

TaxCorp is a unique tax resolution firm focused on quick and correctly fixing your IRS problems. Each IRS collection case is managed and supervised by a former IRS Revenue Officer whose job it was to pursue taxpayers, their assets, and collect the most money possible for the IRS. Now in private practice, no one can protect you and your assets better.

Unfiled Returns

Do you have unfilled IRS Tax Returns? The IRS can create a “Substitute for Return” that estimates what your tax would be if you filed a tax return–and it is almost always much more money than if you filed a voluntary tax return. Learn how TaxCorp files a Substitute for Return Reconsideration appeal.

Notice of Federal Tax Lien

If you have more than $10,000 in unpaid IRS debt the IRS will file a tax lien against you. Learn how the Notice of Federal Tax Lien affects your personal credit or your business and how TaxCorp can get the NFTL Withdrawn or Released depending on your tax circumstances.

Resolution Options

There are many tax resolution options available to you for dealing with the IRS. We discuss Installment Agreements, Offers-in-Comprimise, and Currently not Collectible statuses.

Wage and Bank Levies

When and why the IRS issues bank levies or wage Levies when collection unpaid taxes you have rights and many relief options to get your money back quickly. TaxCorp can often get these released in just 24 hours.

Offer in Compromise

The Offer in Compromise is a tax resolution plan that allows taxpayers to negotiate a lower balance of their tax bill. Choosing the right OIC program (Doubt as to Collectibility, Doubt as to Liability and Effective Tax Administration) and structuring your application is critical to obtaining the largest possible reduction. We discuss these programs and how one can help you.

Fresh Start Initiative

The IRS Fresh Start Program is an IRS relief program that gives taxpayers more flexibility in qualifying for tax relief. If you owe $50,000 or less in IRS tax this program may be the best tax resolution option for your situation. for Federal Contractors

Federal Contractors who have unpaid IRS debt are barred from being awarded PRIME Federal Contracts. TaxCorp is able in some cases to negotiate the removal of the “Y” code on often without having to pay the unpaid IRS tax. We can structure an agreement to remove the code and keep you in business.

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